Christina’s earliest memory of massage was at the age of 4 years old when her mother was pregnant with Christina’s twin brothers. Pregnancy didn’t suit her mother’s small frame very well and Christina remembers many long afternoons and evenings spent kneeled by her mothers side, rubbing baby lotion into all the tender areas of her legs and back.

It wasn’t until she suffered a debilitating back injury as a teenager that Christina experienced the healing benefits of massage first-hand. Opting out of an expensive surgery strongly urged by her team of neurologists, family and friends, she turned to the decidedly different, homeopathic approach to healing herself, while simultaneously establishing the roots of what is now the foundation of her career; believing in the power of healing ones own body and challenging the western mind-set that if something hurts, simply cutting it open and taking it out should not always be the first course of action.

Christina is a native Oregonian and works out of her detached home studio within the ever popular and beautiful Richmond District of SE Portland. She thinks of her studio as an Urban Zen Retreat where she is the Zen Master. She lives with her clever bearded husband, and her two sons; a rambunctious 4 year old – clever like his daddy, and a cheerful infant who loves to shout at the furniture. Together they care for a 75-pound “lap dog,” and a spattering of chickens.


Christina graduated from one of the nations most prestigious massage schools where she developed her fundamental intuition of therapeutic touch into an intricate science. The day after passing her board exams she dove straight into work at a luxury spa in downtown Portland which was rooted in the 5,000 year old healing science of Ayurveda. It was during her time here that she learned to marry her brass-tacks approach to Deep Tissue massage with high-end spa elements such as hot stones, steamed towels, aromatherapy, and various Ayurvedic treatments, creating what has now become her famous Signature Massage.

Christina upholds a very holistic approach to massage and bodywork and is known to be very passionate about her craft and for her strong drive to help others. Her work speaks for itself as she takes the time to get to know each one of her clients individually in order to meet their needs on all levels to achieve mental clarity, emotional wellbeing and physical healing.

Christina is a Wellness Ambassador, Health Advocate, and a Licensed Massage Therapist, she has attended Mt Hood Community College and East West College of the Healing Arts. Christina is nationally certified and holds an Oregon State license granted by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapy, License # 14261.