Auto Injury

Massage for Motor Vehicle Accidents

Abundant Health Massage & Bodywork now offers Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery Massage! If you or someone you know were involved in an auto accident we will gladly bill auto insurance companies for your massage therapy. This also goes for pedestrians and bikers who have been struck by an automobile. Massage is of great benefit during your road to recovery. We can help ease the physical, as well as the emotional stress related to such a traumatic event.

We will make it easy for you – just follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact your primary care physician or doctor of Chiropractic.
  2. Your physician or chiropractor will write you a prescription for massage.
  3. Contact us to schedule your appointment. All you need to bring is your massage prescription along with the following insurance info:
  • Insurance company name, address and phone number.
  • Incident claim number.
  • Adjustor’s name and phone number.

We handle all the billing for you so you can concentrate on your healing. There are no out of pocket costs to you.