COVID19 Pause Practice Notice

COVID19 Pause Practice Notice

Due to COVID19 I will be pausing my practice as of Monday 3/16/2020. If you have an upcoming reservation, it has been cancelled for the time being. I have been monitoring developments closely and remain in constant communication with my LMT peers both locally and across the globe. I feel this is the next best step for the health and safety of my clients and our community at large.

As a healthcare professional, I believe it is my duty to do what I can to help “slow the curve” and “do no harm.” Because of the extended incubation period, we may be exposed and contagious long before we display symptoms - thus spreading it unknowingly. Since my profession involves being in close proximity for an extended time in a small room, a virus like this can be contracted quickly despite every precaution.

This is not a decision I come to lightly. My knee-jerk reaction has been to take care of people in doing what I do best to help relieve stress and tension, however, if any of you were to fall ill at my hands I would be absolutely devastated. In this scenario, the benefits do not outweigh the risks.

If you’d like to support me during this time, you are welcome to write up an online review or buy a gift certificate towards future services for yourself or someone else in need. I am thankful for all of you and for your support and understanding.

In Health,
Christina Wolfe Nochisaki, LMT
Abundant Health Massage