The Signature Massage

A deeply relaxing and nurturing full body massage pulling from modalities across the world such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Facilitated Stretching and Ayurveda, then blending in nourishing spa elements like Hot Stones, Steamed Towels and Aromatherapy in order to layer the senses, promote a deep sense of health and wellbeing, and to foster your inner zen. All massage include a thorough structural analysis and a customized treatment plan.

60 minutes $80
90 minutes $100


A penetrating and very grounding experience using heated basalt stones and blended with Swedish massage to provide relief to sore muscles. Stones are also placed on Chakras and other key points along the body to stimulate energy, blood and lymph flow. This massage also includes Hot Stone placements, Steamed Towels, and Aromatherapy using essential oils of your choice.
60 minutes $90
90 minutes $110

Deep Tissue

Focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and underlying structures of the body using assisted active and passive stretching, and concentrated application of pressure and strokes to localized areas in which chronic conditions apply.
60 minutes $70
90 minutes $100

Marma Chikitsa: Energy Point Therapy | Ayurvedic Acupressure

Marma points serve as the bridge between the physical body and its more subtle energy pathways, called nadis. This therapy is aimed at stimulating specific organs and/or systems, while releasing blocked energy and promoting flexibility. A session of Marma Point is most effective when following your massage.
Complimentary with your massage – Please let your therapist know to include this in your massage


Shiro Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Head Massage

An extended head massage using nourishing oils infused with lavender, rosemary and mint poured through the scalp to help stimulate vital organs and systems while clearing the energy pathways in your head, which is then wrapped in steamed towels.  An intensely relaxing experience aimed at grounding the mind and body while balancing all the doshas.
$15 add up to 15 minutes to your session


Ayurveda Facial Cleanse and Mask

A treatment designed to stimulate lymphatic drainage from the skin into the circulatory system of the body diminishing signs of aging and restoring a healthy glos using face massage, marma point, and a variety of ayurvedic-based masks and oils.
$50 add up to 45 minutes to your session


Shirodhara: Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy

This treatment consists in pouring warm oil in a slow steady stream on your forehead. It pacifies the subtle aspects of all the doshas, nourishes the nervous system, promoting relaxation and tranquility, and improves mental clarity and comprehension. When done in a series, it can help with certain neurological and mental imbalances as well. Because of the profound effects it has upon the consciousness, it has often been called “Bliss Therapy.”
$30 add up to 30 minutes to your session


Salt & Sugar Body Scrub

Salt, which acts as a topical analgesic to reduce muscular discomfort and inflammation, and natural cane sugar, which contains glycolic acids for exfoliation and nourishment of your skin is blended with oils and vigorously massaged into the skin for a synergetic body exfoliant. You are then wrapped in plastic sheets and wool blankets to stimulate heat and detoxification.  During the wrap portion you will receive aromatherapy and marma point therapy.
$50 add min. 45 minutes to your session


Mud Wrap

This wrap revitalizes sore, achy muscles and joints.  Mud is legendary for its powerful therapeutic properties; it remineralizes and soothes dull skin. Our full body wrap includes marma point and aromatherapy.
$55 add min. 45 minutes to your session


Spirulina Wrap

This seaweed body wrap is extremely effective when used as part of a slimming or nourishing program and is great for detoxifying and toning the skin.  You are then wrapped in plastic sheets and wool blankets to stimulate heat and detoxification.  During the wrap portion you will receive aromatherapy and marma point.
$60 add min. 45 minutes to your session

Add Salt and Sugar Body Scrub to Any Wrap for $20