Jonathan, Rumney NH

“Just wanted to let you know that was the best massage ever. Thanks so much, my back and neck feel great and my feet are feeling much better too. I’ll look forward to another session when I get back this way.”

Cynda, Portland OR

“That was an extremely soothing and integrating massage yesterday. I’m always amazed at your work. It is so special and so effective. I’m one tightly strung woman, but your massages take the “uh” outta struhng.”

Thomas, Portland OR

“After receiving the massage my chest contraction and general energetic malaise was gone. This morning I continue to feel improvement in my overall well being. I cannot say enough to thank you for your kind, generous and potent work. “

Colin, Portland OR

“… Now I have found a great place to send (my girlfriend) to, my treat, while not emptying my wallet. She comes home every time relaxed, happy, and feeling great. She says Christina is the best masseuse she’s ever been to, and after seeing the effect on her, I would have to agree!”


“Christina insisted I do not need to live with chronic pain. With regular deep tissue work she has been able to get me there! The hot rocks, steamed towels and aroma therapy combine to create complex relaxation that finishes the therapy delightfully.”

Betsy, Portland OR

“I just had a massage here a few weeks ago and it was amazing. I love, love the hot stones, and she was able to really get in and work on some sore muscles that had been bothering me. Very knowledgeable and has a great, relaxing space.”

Alisha, Portland OR

“I have had many a massage and I have to say that this was one of my best experiences yet. It’s so nice to get a massage by someone who is so tuned with my particular needs.”

Liz, Portland OR

“I have been getting regular massages from Christina for months now and she is by far the best LMT I have been to. She is very caring and knowledgeable about massage. I have been having ankle trouble for years now and she helped so much! I recommend her to all my friends and family.”

Saundra Kitzmiller, Troutdale, OR

“You don’t know what this means to me to even imagine that I might live pain free. This has been my prayer but for the first time I have hope. Your process is so straightforward and effective. WOW.”

Chris Stroffolino, Ph.D , Oakland, CA.

“Christina is one of the most knowledgeable massage therapists I know, and has great bedside manner and, speaking from personal experience, is able to tune-in on what her clients need much more than most other massage therapists I’ve worked with. If we lived in the same city, I would certainly be a regular customer.”

Arianna Gouvei L.M.T., Los Angeles, CA

“Christina Wolfe is a rock star Massage Therapist and does a similar Spa style massage as I do, but maybe even better! Think: hot towels, warm oil, hot stones, aromatherapy…She also does Deep Tissue and is amazing. She is a great friend and practices out of a warm space in her home. She also does couples massages in YOUR home so think about Valentines day gifts y’all. She is the ish!”

Kristin, Portland OR

“Christina is a terrific masseuse who uses a combination of high class spa treatment, like aroma therapy and hot stones, while creating deep tissue healing. She is excellent at getting to the source of your personal body issue dynamics. Christina spends a good amount of time getting to know you, your body and comfort levels. I felt very guided and well informed of the process she took me through. I especially enjoyed the post-massagebreak down of her observations of my body. She gave me helpful hints to keep myself healthy and balanced. I highly recommend Christina at Abundant Health Massage and Bodywork.”